MUYASSAR KURDI - Birth of a Thousand Moons CS (No Rent Records)

MUYASSAR KURDI - Birth of a Thousand Moons CS (No Rent Records)

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Solo works by Muyassar Kurdi
Instruments: Electronics, voice, cello, bells
Recorded by Muyassar Kurdi, Brooklyn NY, 2021
Mixed by Circuit Des Yeux
As if the long decay of a large space suddenly became fascinated with your body. Every noise sustained and condensed into a vapor drapes your skin like the most peculiar fabric:


Oh, the thickness.

The walls, they sweat, moan and yearn to be closer to the source of the sound.

Open your mouth and taste the ghosts of your words.

Their love surrounds you.

The rumble you hear is the low frequency of steam.

We are in a familiar place. The expansiveness of this place may make it seem otherwise, but yes, we are home.

We are naked.

Our "newness" awaits in all of its elasticity.

What is the magnitude of a collision that gives birth to a thousand moons?

What amount of delicateness gives birth to a thousand goosebumps?

I have witnessed the boundless sound of Muyassar Kurdi manipulated a room of a thousand expectations many times with just one joyful...  more
released November 3, 2021